Past NICU Conferences

2016 LLUCH Perinatal-Neonatal Conference

Course Description

This multidisciplinary conference is designed for health care providers interested in understanding perinatal diagnoses and their etiologies, increasing diagnostic skills in assessing high-risk infants, and discussing issues that surround the age of viability. Attendees will learn about pre and postnatal best practices through utilizing a team approach in planning care of both mother and baby. Evidence-based practices, including provision of family-centered care before, during and after birth, and sometimes infant dying and death, will be discussed. The need for a small baby unit will be described, highlighting the necessity of neurodevelopmental care to improve all health outcomes.

For additional information, call Staff Development at 909-558-3500 or ext. 33500

Course Objectives

  • To identify the importance of a collaborative, multidisciplinary team approach in developing a plan of care for mother and baby before and after birth.
  • To discuss perinatal diagnosis conference case reviews demonstrating the benefits of open communication and whole person care.
  • To discuss pre-term labor and delivery.
  • To discuss family-centered developmental care throughout the perinatal and neonatal period with focus on parent-infant attachment.
  • To describe common responses of family members who are facing grief.
  • To discuss interventions that will help meet family needs.
  • To identify factors influencing a child’s understanding of death.
  • To discuss parents in their experience of perseverance through an unexpected journey in the NICU.
  • To apply evidence-based research into practice through integration of protocols and guidelines for a small baby unit.

Presentation Handouts