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Address and Phone Numbers

11234 Anderson St.
Loma Linda, CA 92354

1-800-825-KIDS (5437)
Physician referral: 1-800-872-1212

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Media Contacts

Briana Pastorino, Media Relations Specialist

For TODAY or Trading Post advertising information, view the TODAY or Trading Post web page, or contact the Office of University Relations at 909-558-4526.

Department Phone Numbers

UnitsExtensionDirect Dialing From Outside
2800 Pre-Admission Testing/
Observation/Special Procedures
3700 Neonatal Intensive Care44403909-558-4403
4200 Acute Adolescent44342909-558-4342
4800 Hematology/Oncology88400909-558-8400
5100 Acute Care Pediatrics44351909-558-4351
5200 Acute Care Pediatrics44352909-558-4352
5300 Acute Care Pediatrics44353909-558-4352
5700 Pediatric Intensive Care44357909-558-4357
5800 Children’s Heart Center/ Intermediate Care88500909-558-8500
Specialty Team Center22047909-558-2047
Toyota Learning Center/Classroom87303909-558-7303
DepartmentsExtensionDirect Dialing From Outside
Cafeteria (Recording of Daily Menu)45614 
Cafeteria - Children’s Hospital81300 
Chaplain’s Office44367 
Child Life Program89212 
Concierge Services49773 
Devotional: English82900 
Dispatch Services44350 
Information Desk88001 
Gift Shops: Children’s Hospital88026 
Medical Center44755 
Language Line Services (AT&T) 800-874-9426
Language Services42445 
Nursing Administration88111 
Operator (Long Distance)130 
Patient Business Office/Cashier82037 
Patient Representative44647 
Pediatric Outpatient Office22848909-796-4848
Playroom: Acute88014909-558-8014
Smoking Cessation Program44496909-558-4496
Social Worker44315909-558-4315
Specialty Team Centers21801909-835-1801
Surgery Waiting Area88207 
Trauma Services41204909-558-1204
Volunteer Services88022909-558-8022

TTY/TTD: For the hearing impaired, the Telecommunications Department has amplified telephone handsets and teletypewriter machines available. Please call 909-558-4321 for more information.