Sports Safety

Preventing Childhood Sports Injuries

Use of Appropriate Safety Equipment is Essential

  • Children should always wear sport-specific, properly fitting safety gear when participating in sports activities. 

Make Sure Children are Prepared for the Demands of Playing a Sport

  • All children should receive a general health exam before enrolling in a sports program.
  • Provide children with proper training and skills-building when they are learning a new sport, so that they are physically and psychologically conditioned for its demands.
  • Ensure that children drink an adequate amount of liquids while engaging in athletic activities. Provide frequent rest periods during hot or humid weather.

 Adult Supervision is Necessary

  • Adults should be present at all times to ensure a safe playing environment and the enforcement of safety rules.
  • Group children according to skill level, weight, and physical maturity, especially for contact sports.

Ask About the Safety-Related Policies of Your Local Sports Leagues

  • Coaches and other on-field personnel should be trained in first aid and CPR.